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total power: 23 kW 380 V 50 Hz
dimensions of the molding zone (LxWxH): 730x1200x500 mm
production cycle: 70-80 sec
number of cycles per hour: 45 pcs
control: semi-automatic
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 3500x2500x3500 mm
weight: 3600 kg
staff: 4-5 people


on the paving slab: 27 m2/hour
on the wall block: 270 pcs/hour
on the pavement border: 200 pm/hour
on the road boder: 80 pm/hour

The main advantages:

  • low consumption of cement
  • produces a wide range of products from 25 to 500 mm
  • programmable controller with a sensor panel applied

The price includes:

  • installation supervisory services at the Customer
  • working out the production regulations with the selection of the mixture composition at the Customer’s site
  • imported complete set of hydraulic system and electrics
  • warranty service for 2-years

Additional equipment:

  • molds
  • concrete mixing plant with capacity of 6-15 cubic meters/hour for the base layer
  • concrete mixing machine with the volume of 150 l for the texture layer
  • vibration screen for sieving the texture layer
  • process bottom plate, 800х1200х40 mm


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