The concept of roller table came to us from Germany, which in free translation from German means “moving loads”. In fact, roller tables are a kind of conveyors that move different loads for short distances.

In the basis of the functioning of the roller conveyors are transport rollers, allowing the goods to slide freely along the surface formed by the rollers. The rollers themselves are fixed on a fixed metal frame, like steps on a ladder, only unlike them – the rollers rotate around their axis.

Rolling is used in those cases when it is necessary to periodically move a multitude of goods for distances up to 30 meters, for example, when loading and unloading trucks with goods, as well as in the production of rolled metal, sawn timber, etc.

In the technological sense, the roller table is a kind of metal structure made in the form of a frame in which rotating rollers are parallel to each other. The integrity of the goods depends on the reliability of this design, therefore special factories are engaged in the production of roller tables, where high quality of the products is guaranteed.

The use of roller tables is the best way to increase productivity and reduce labor costs in production and in the logistics network. Order the roller table and evaluate its benefits!

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