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Technical data

total power: 9 kW 380 V 50 Hz
dimensions of modeling area (LxWxH): 650x900х400 mm
production cycle 50 sec
cycles per hour: 80 pcs
control: semi-automatic
overall dimensions (LxWxH): 1000x1280x2000 mm
weight: 1200 kg
servicing personnel: 2-3 persons


by paving slabs: 25 m2/h
by wall blocks: 220 pcs./h
by paving border 150 rm/h
by hard bricks: 500 pcs./h

Key benefits:

  • low cement consumption
  • produces the wide range of products from 20 to 400 mm
  • programmable controller is applied

The price includes:

  • installation supervision at the Customer’s site
  • development of technological regulations along with the selection of the mixture composition at the Customer’s site
  • imported equipment for the hydraulic system and electrical parts
  • warranty service for 2 years

Additional equipment:

  • press-forms
  • 350-400 l concrete mixer for main layer
  • 150 l concrete mixer for the textured layer
  • vibrating sieve for sieving the textured layer
  • technological pallets, 650х900х21-30 mm


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