The main modified functionality includes such new options as:

  • Transition from hydraulic actuators to electric drives of the following equipment units (for increasing line capacity):

– gate on the bunker of the main and textured layers;

– conveyor feed molding pallets.

  • Installed better guides of the new sample, as well as sensors for the presence of equipment units.
  • Longitudinal brush cleaning “punch” (the main task – cleaning the “punch” in the manufacture of road curbs).
  • New software and ACS (latest software and automation development such as:

-touch panel (touchscreen), direct control of all nodes through the joystick).

  • Reinforced construction (pipes of metal structures of the main assemblies (frames) with a thickness of 8-10 mm are used).
  • Safety (eliminated to the maximum the injuries of inattentive personnel (established limiting grids along the entire line).
  • System “Colormix” (development and introduction of options for several systems “Colormix”). The “Colormix” system is an advanced solution, with the help of which you will be able to make vibropressed products with an unlimited number of multicolor color options and full reproducibility of the product pattern).

The price of molds for paving slabs

* Prices in the price lists are subject to price increases.

Price formats are provided in PDF and XLS.
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Prices for vibropress for the production of paving slabs

Prices for concrete mixers for the production of paving slabs

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