Our company produces the  press-forms for all kinds (types) of vibropresses, used in the vibration pressing  branch.

Following is at Your service:

  • Manufacture of new customised press-forms;
  • Restoration of old (used) press-forms;
  • Development and manufacture of   press-forms according to Client’s  specifications.

Old Town pavement tile is one of the common types of tiles, but this fact is not surprising, because this paving slab has a variety of types of styling, using a variety of colors, and means suitable for any interior of the courtyard, square, street, etc.

 “Old Town” paving slabs can be arranged in various ways. Set includes slabs of different sizes, which provides for   various laying patterns. When using several slab colors, you can create unique ornaments and visual effects.

Brick-type paving slabs— used for the improvement of sidewalks, squares, paths, access roads, parking lots, gas stations, summer cafe sites and other surfaces.

Coil-type paving slabs – due to its specific shape, it is characterized by increased coupling properties between the slabs. It is most efficiently used in places with heavy traffic of cars and trucks.

Due to its configuration it is possible to create a variety of drawings on pavement paths, mosaics. Using different colors you can implement the design solutions, both for city parks and squares, and for your own plot, which are easily combined with all facade materials.

Water drainage tray — designed for drainage of rain, melted water and runoff from roads, sidewalks, squares, residential and industrial buildings.

Paving slabs “Old Castle”

Facing brick – building materials used for finishing the walls of new and restored buildings, paving paths, decoration of individual building elements (corners, plinth walls).

Classified as per:

  • composition;
  • color;
  • surface peculiarities.

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