Our company produces the  press-forms for all kinds (types) of vibropresses, used in the vibration pressing  branch.

Following is at Your service:

  • Manufacture of new customised press-forms;
  • Restoration of old (used) press-forms;
  • Development and manufacture of   press-forms according to Client’s  specifications.

Building  block  —the building material, created in special forms by means of vibrocompression.

Following types are available:

  • Solid wall block — very durable. It is applied when constructing the building foundation, ground floor, columns and load-bearing structures.
  • Hollow block — it is applied for construction of walls and partitions inside the premises.

Thus, hollowness of wall block of less than 40 % provides for its high thermal conductivity characteristics and the extremely low strength. Such slag block is applied when constructing the buildings, where the main load is to be borne by its metal framework. It is also applied as the heat thermal insulation material along with other, more durable, building materials.

Hollowness of less than 30 % provides for the relatively low thermal conductivity and durability of the wall blocks. Such slag block is mainly applied when constructing the walls.

Split blocks — are used for finishing the building external parts, facades, fences, landscape decorative elements.

Vibropressed building bricks — the right-shaped building stone, manufactured by vibrocompression.

Vibropressed  building bricks has the following types:

  • By color — various pigments that affect the shade of the final product can be applied during manufacture.
  • By type of cement-sand mixture — two brands of concrete – М-100 and М-150 – are applied for manufacture. М-150 has better characteristics and thus is much more expensive.
  • By surface – for masonry or other works that require further finishing. There are not too strict requirements to the appearance of the latter. There is also the non-burnt vibropressed facing brick. It is used for finishing the facades of houses and other buildings.
  • By structure – solid and hollow. The equipment and matrices for the manufacture of vibropressed bricks allow the production of briquettes with hollows from 8 to 15%. This standard is acceptable for solid products. Hollow products can have from 20 to 50% of technological cavities. They are most often used for exterior decoration, because they provide ventilation and thermal insulation of the wall.

The masonry material manufactured by vibrocompression has the following characteristics:

  • Increased strength – several times higher than that of bricks produced by firing or autoclaving.
  • Durability.
  • High frost resistance and resistance to sharp temperature changes.
  • Ecological compatibility – they are made using hight quality materials.

Other products

Строительные бетонные блоки
Строительные бетонные блоки
Строительные бетонные блоки