At present it is considered that the curb is a building element, which is obligatory for paving a sidewalk or a road, both in functional and aesthetic terms. The edges of roads, which are not limited by curbs, are being destroyed much faster. Water, draining under the road surface, quickly blurs its base, and this spoils the entire road surface. And, of course, it is more pleasant to walk on a carefully framed sidewalk than on a path with blurred edges and torn tiles.

The curb is necessary to separate the road from the lawn, mark the bike path or change the sidewalk level relatively to the green zone. It also serves as the base for the road surface, and when decorating the flowerbeds it does not allow the plants to destroy the road surface

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Technical datafor “curb/garden border”

Dimension 500х200

thickness:    60 mm
weight 14 kg/pcs
quantity of products at one transportation pallet        114 pcs
color Gray 24 UAH
Brown 30 UAH
Red 30 UAH
water absorption not more than 6%
warranty       10 years

Dimension 500х170

thickness:     40 mm
weight    7,5 kg/pcs
quantity of products at one transportation pallet       160 pcs
color Red 22 UAH
Brown 20 UAH
Gray 16 UAH
water absorption not more than 6%
warranty        10 years


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