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It is very easy to buy a pallets transporter; you just need to contact the representatives of a large Ukrainian company manufacturing high-precision modern equipment VAST-SERVICE +. We have the best price offers in Ukraine for parts and materials that meet modern European standards. The machines of our factory are equipped with the best production facilities, which are supported by qualified specialists with practical experience and the necessary knowledge base. All this makes our company a leader in the supply of highly specialized technical equipment for the manufacture of paving slabs and not only. We cooperate with reputable customers around the world.

Reliability and quality – the key to productive work

If you want to increase the speed of production, increase the pace of fulfillment of orders, organize and structure activities in the warehouse, as well as reduce labor costs and save money, you should upgrade and connect new technological solutions as often as possible. Automation, moreover, allows you to increase the profitability of the business and open up new sources of income.

Such a unit as a pallet supply conveyor saves the time costs for moving large-sized goods in one shift, and also helps to eliminate errors during weighing, since it has high accuracy.

This device is designed to remove pallets one by one from a pile, lifting and moving goods indoors. Its main advantage is that after removing all pallets, the drive delivers a new stack. This ensures the continuity of the production process. The product can be used in the manufacture of building mixtures, in particular, for servicing vibratory presses.

The transporter consists of such parts as:

  • frame;
  • movable carts, the movement of which is carried out with the help of dogs;
  • rack with pallets.

The equipment produced by VAST-SERVICE + LLC has the highest quality characteristics, reliability, exceptional service life, and efficiency associated with reduced energy costs. The cost of products from the manufacturer is much lower than in stores. And all the financial costs of modernization can be considered as a profitable investment in the development of their own business.

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The loader is the best ultramodern model currently available in the domestic market. Increased wear resistance, durability of the steel frame, reliability of the drive mechanism and ease of control brought it to the top sales this year.

Among the advantages of the model is also worth noting:

  • excellent assembly accuracy;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • control, controlled by one employee – operator;
  • smoothness of the course;
  • the ability to change the speed of the chassis, without stopping the loader;
  • competent design.

Our company gives a guarantee on equipment for a period of up to 2 years. Each buyer can count on free information support, warranty repair and professional consulting services during the entire period of cooperation. We are also engaged in the development of production capacity optimization with the aim of increasing their profitable performance. We deliver parts anywhere in the country.

Call the specified phone numbers and find out the detailed rates, payment methods and delivery times.

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