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Drive Power Supply 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz
Motor Power 3 kW
Rise time to the top position 3.5 seconds
Load Capacity 4 tons
Manage semi-automatic / automatic

Ukrainian company operating in the production of vibropressive equipment, LLC VAST-SERVICE + offers owners of industrial enterprises and workshops to buy a stacker-drive on the most favorable conditions in Ukraine.

Such electrical equipment is made to order by qualified professionals. The device is completely autonomous, depending on the desires of the customer, we will select the piler for any type (type) of vibropress – both Ukrainian and foreign production according to its characteristics and configuration.

The advantage of ordering technical equipment in our factory is that each model we produce is completed according to the constructor principle and can be modernized at any time. The client can choose how to connect and install equipment. The stacker can be connected both to the hydraulic station of the previously installed instrument series, and to the hydroelectric station of our production, which operates completely independently.

The model is equipped with a programmable controller and position sensors “down” / “up.” Information about the presence or absence of the pallet can also be found on the dashboard of the device. It packs a hydraulic stacker on two pallets hardly. It is equipped with an automatic control system of the amount of packaged products per unit of time, which greatly simplifies the production of the production shop, reduces the time and labor costs.

The stack of pallets is evacuated by a loader or a rocker piler located at the rear of the device.

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Do not miss the profitable offer to purchase high-quality hydraulic equipment with the following parameters:

  • drive supply voltage – 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz;
  • electric motor power – 7.5 kW;
  • rise time to the top position – 6.5 seconds;
  • load capacity – 12 tons;
  • automatic control.

Sale of finished products is carried out by prior order. You can also tell us the technical characteristics you are interested in, on the basis of which qualified specialists of VAST-SERVICE + will make and manufacture a model of specialized equipment. Contact the phone numbers listed to discuss details and to arrange a meeting.

Our company has many years of experience and guarantees professional equipment at an affordable cost.

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