Vibropress for paving slabs

Vibropress VPS-400 A

Molds for paving slabs

Строительные бетонные блоки
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Concrete mixers

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You can buy equipment for the production of paving slabs in Ukraine and with a guarantee from representatives of the Nikolaev enterprise “VAST-SERVICE +”. Our company specializes in the manufacture of equipment for vibropressing and, having many years of experience in this field of activity, gives a stable and long-term guarantee for all products.

The paving slab industry is currently actively developing both in Ukraine and abroad. Experts in the field of business note that this direction is a profitable investment. And the use of high-quality production equipment is undoubtedly a guarantee of profitability of your business.

VAST-SERVICE + LLC has been engaged in professional design and manufacture of equipment for the manufacture of small concrete products using the method of vibropressing since 2011.

You can buy such technical equipment from us:

  • semi-automatic vibropress on tile, wall block, pavement curb and building brick;
  • pallet supply conveyor;
  • roller table or receiving table, designed to move goods of various denominations at a distance of up to 30 meters;
  • installation BSU-20M – a fully automated system designed for the production of concrete and cement mortar mixes;
  • semi-automatic press;
  • splitter (splitter) – the best patented tool for splitting concrete products into bricks, building blocks and slabs;
  • autonomous stacker for manning;
  • automatic system for dispensing water and plasticizer;
  • vibrating screen for sifting loose components of concrete mixes (sand, crushed stone, screening, etc.);
  • stationary tape containers;
  • the feeder of the main layer, allowing to achieve uniform loading of the mold;
  • forms for pressing the border (both road and garden type);
  • any types of patterns for pressing;
  • cleaver for facing material;
  • concrete mixer model BS-350, used in the manufacture of all currently popular types of mortars;
  • VPS-400;
  • BS-400MB concrete mixer;
  • improved model BS-150 forced type of mixing for the preparation of rigid and ductile concretes;
  • vibropresses PS-150 and PS-130.

Our company also offers a wide range of services for the repair of technical machines, quality service of your technical station for the production of small concrete products. We can accompany the entire process of installation and operation of equipment in the initial stages. At an affordable price, our experts conduct training for your workers.

We offer spare parts and accessories – standard sizes and under the order. We specialize in the design and restoration of old molds. Also, on the basis of our production, we produce small concrete products (paving slabs, curbs, drainage, cinder blocks). This allows customers to verify the quality of the equipment we develop.

“VAST-SERVICE +” guarantees comprehensive consultations on all matters relating to the operation of vibropressed technical equipment. All customers are guaranteed for up to two years from the date of successful installation of the units.