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Компания года 2018

LLC “VAST-SERVIS+» — the enterprise, which not only makes the vibropressing equipment, but also develops new systems of equipment optimization in respect to its profitability. Our equipment can be modernized for better and optimized work, so it is made according to the modular principle for the convenience of modernization or maintenance.

Using years of experience in repairing and modernizing various kinds and types of vibropresses, the invaluable experience of our customers, analyzing the work of a particular equipment (vibropresses, concrete mixers, etc.), we managed to create a range of vibrocompression equipment that operates on an “autonomous level”, making the work on it to be simple, high-quality, affordable and most importantly cost-effective.

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Компания года 2018

Our company was founded in 2011 by a number of the best specialists in the field of vibrocompression, including:

  • process engineer for concrete production (calculation of the mixture optimum composition);
  • engineer-adjuster of the equipment of vibrocompression with the vast experience in this sphere;
  • design engineer;
  • electrical engineer;
  • software and equipment commissioning engineer.

Due to the experienced team and well-coordinated work, we have achieved great success in the sphere of the industry development in the manufacture of vibrocompression equipment (stable, high-quality and most profitable equipment operation).

To date, not every company can give a “qualitative” guarantee to its customer.

Along with equipment, our customers receive 2-year warranty and free support in information-consulting issues in the field of vibration pressing (setup, selection of mixture, etc.).

On the territory of our factory there is a site for the production of paving slabs, which allows customers to make a practical analysis of the quality of the products, manufactured with our equipment.