Delivery of equipment for production of sidewalk tiles

Delivery of equipment commissioned by Vast-Service + is carried out all over Ukraine and CIS countries. Our customers receive not only profitable industrial machines, but also the opportunity to agree on the terms of arrival of equipment and carrier. We provide mutually beneficial and comfortable conditions for cooperation!

You can find out more about the terms of payment and delivery on our phones:

  1. +38 (093) 565-13-49;
  2. +38 (050) 057-75-07;
  3. +38 (096) 435-37-75.

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How are we preparing to deliver the equipment?

условия доставки

We will deliver the technique carefully and precisely in time!

Enterprise “Vast-Service +” takes care of its customers, therefore offers favorable terms of the order. Our engineers will produce powerful and modern machines for vibropressing, concrete mixers, automatic lines and much more. Also, we can order wear-resistant paving tiles, made on our plant’s facilities.

We will provide delivery of equipment throughout the territory of Ukraine, and tiles – in the southern regions. We also provide international shipping to CIS countries.

Our company is obliged to make the equipment in terms clearly stipulated and prescribed in the contract. Employees of the company will independently find the carrier company with the most loyal prices. However, if the customer is not happy with our choice, he can offer his option.

Why should we collaborate with us?

Our company offers transparent terms of cooperation with our clients and partners. All conditions are described in detail in the contract.

During the shipment the employees:

  • Packing and securely fixing equipment to minimize the risk of deformation and damage to the shell during transportation. Pavement tiles are supplied in special pallets for ease of unloading and subsequent storage.
  • The product comes with all the necessary set of documentation:
    • accompanying acts
    • operating instructions,
    • certificates,
    • confirm the quality and safety of technology,
    • as well as expense invoices.

We cooperate with reliable carriers, carrying out transportation of goods of any denomination within the country and abroad.
If you have any questions, please contact the managers of the “Vast-Service +” company. You can do this by calling the website. We will agree terms, cost and delivery terms.

We are waiting for your appeals today!