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Installation of Color Mix

The Color Mix installation is an optional hopper attachment. The device is intended for the manufacture of colored concrete products. The specialists of VAST-SERVICE + have already tested the new unit and were able to evaluate all its advantages. With our equipment, every business owner will be able to produce competitive products and earn good profits. Our company is one of the most reliable suppliers of Vibrating press equipment in Ukraine. To order the goods will not make any difficulties. Just contact our managers by phone or online.

Design features and principle of operation of the device

The main function of Color Mix is ​​to mix multicolored concrete solutions. The attachment is attached to the frame and hopper. The installation can be attached to almost any machine. It can be used for blocks and pavers.

The principle of operation of the device is as follows. The conveyor feeds concrete mixtures of concrete colors, which are stacked in layers, into the hopper. It is worth noting that the number of flowers depends on the volume of the container itself. Then the bottom of the hopper is sharply pulled out, after which all the layers are poured into the expenditure hopper of the vibropress, where everything is mixed and a certain palette is formed. The colormix nozzle can be mounted on different models of vibrating presses. The unit is very easy to maintain. With its help it is possible to make products imitating marble, granite, clinker and other materials for paving. This technique will be the best solution to create multicolored fine-grained concrete products.

The technology of manufacturing pavement with the help of the Color Mix nozzle came to Ukraine from Europe relatively recently, but has already gained great popularity. The nozzle allows you to produce a large range of concrete products. The device offers great opportunities for experimenting with color palettes. Using “colormix” it is possible to make not only beautiful, but also high-quality tile which will make a worthy competition to more expensive analogues.

If you decide to supplement the range of products made with original concrete products, a colormix nozzle will be the best solution. With it you can easily produce paving stones, pavement tiles, cinder blocks and much more. Finished products can imitate the appearance of natural stone due to the use of unique technology of mixing mixtures.

Where to buy Colormix?

To buy a colormix nozzle from VAST-SERVIS + means to make the first step to opening a profitable production. Throughout our work, we have helped many clients set up a successful building materials business. Our vibrating presses and accessories meet the current European quality standards, as evidenced by the finished products. Products made on our units products are distinguished by their long service life, durability and aesthetic appearance. Each of our clients can always count on:

  • excellent quality of goods;
  • individual approach;
  • information support;
  • democratic prices;
  • delivery to any region of the country.

Contact our managers to find out details about the conditions of cooperation and technical specifications of the equipment.

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