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Vibropress VPS-400 A

Vibropress VPS-400 A

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You can buy a vibropress in Mariupol in the Vast-Service + company. We offer high-quality and cost-effective equipment. You can purchase both ready-made models of machines and order equipment for an individual project. Our experts will train your employees how to manage the plants, as well as select the optimal mix composition so that you can produce durable and high-quality products.

How to choose a vibrating machine?
With the help of our company you can buy a vibrating press in Mariupol, which will fully meet the requirements of your production. We offer universal machines that are capable of producing any type of product: from paving slabs to wall blocks. As well as specialized models that are capable of producing only a certain type of finished product.

The next criterion that you should pay attention to when choosing a device is power. The productivity of the machine depends on this indicator. It is possible to purchase vibropress equipment from us in Mariupol with high power indicators, which can cope with large batches in a short production cycle (up to 30 seconds), as well as low-power models that consume less energy, but with a capacity of up to 100 pieces. The first type is suitable for large factories and workshops, the second is acceptable for small firms that produce a limited number of products.

Buy vibrating press in Mariupol – Vast-Service +

You can buy vibropress equipment in Mariupol of different overall dimensions and different weights. We offer the following machine models:

Big ones. These include automated production lines. To accommodate a spacious room is required. They demonstrate high efficiency and power;
Medium. This is usually a semi-automatic machine. They are easy to manage and produce batches of up to 100 pieces. The production cycle takes an average of 50-60 seconds;
Small with manual control. As a rule, these are mobile vibrating machines that are installed on a construction site for the production of blocks or paving slabs.
Also, when buying equipment for vibropressing, you need to consider the type of matrix. It happens:

Plain. It is used to make one, the simplest, form of the product;
Combined. The model allows you to produce various, including decorative, products. Typically, this type of matrix is ​​installed in universal vibrating presses.
Also in our company you can order an individual matrix model. They are used for unique design projects, so they are made according to a specific sketch.

How to order equipment?
Sale of vibropressing equipment in Mariupol is carried out by contact numbers. You can order a specific model of the machine, presented in our catalog, or we will manufacture the device according to your project, taking into account certain technical characteristics and overall dimensions.

In order to place an order for equipment, as well as get advice on issues of payment and delivery, contact our managers. Current contact details and a schedule are listed on our website.

We are waiting for your applications and requests today!

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