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Vibropress VPS-400 A

Vibropress VPS-400 A

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Looking for a place to buy a vibropress in Transcarpathia? Company “Vast-Seris +” offers powerful and cost-effective equipment for your business. Experts will help you to pick up machine tools, and also if necessary additional accessories. Also engineers can develop the unit under your individual order. We help you to choose the optimal gransostav, so that you can produce high-quality construction products, but save money on materials and resources. We train operators of automated production lines and machines. We render a full complex of services in repair and service of our machine tools. Delivery of the equipment on your object is carried out by post services. Details are to be found in the managers or see the information on the site in the corresponding section.

Cost-effective vibro press technology: Why choose our products?

If you need to buy a vibro press in Transcarpathia, our company can offer you an alternative: cost-effective machines at affordable prices with delivery to your site. Vast-Service+ machines are powerful and productive, consume minimal resources and save a great deal of cement. They produce a variety of construction products: paving slabs, wall blocks, curbs, cinder blocks and so on. You can offer your customers wear-resistant and high-quality building materials.
With our help you can buy a vibropress for paving tiles in Transcarpathia, which will completely cover the needs of your business. We offer three series of machines:

  • Automated production lines and units;
  • Devices with semi-automatic control;
  • Manual models.

If you need powerful and productive paving equipment for the production of paving tiles in the Transcarpathia region, our automated production lines and machines with automatic control system will do the job. The series of devices is designed specifically for large plants and enterprises that need to produce large batches of finished products in a short period of time. The working cycle is only 20-25 seconds. Devices produce many kinds of construction products: from blocks to tiles.

Buy a vibropress on Transcarpathia – Vast-Service+

Here you can also buy vibropress equipment in the Zakarpattya region online with a semi-automatic type of control. These machines are designed to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses. They are also cost-effective and powerful, capable of producing different types of finished products. The main advantage of the machines is the saving of cement mortar. But the quality of products does not suffer. The working cycle is about 30 seconds. Operation is simple and intuitive. Our specialists train operators when buying “Vast-Service+” equipment, so you do not have to hire a third party.

We also offer to buy a vibropress for the production of cinder block in Transcarpathia with manual control. These machines can also be used to produce tiles, curbs and other products. This type of device is the easiest to operate and also the cheapest. The models have been designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Ideal for small shops. The equipment has a relatively short operating cycle of 50 seconds.

We provide a full guarantee for all the equipment ordered from us. Vibropress in Zakarpattya region is ordered only online or by phone. Delivery by transport companies-transport carriers operates.

We provide all necessary documentation and certificates of quality and safety. In case of problems with the equipment will be performed warranty and post-warranty repair. Our experts will provide you with full advice on the operation of equipment and select the optimal gransostav to improve the quality of the finished product, but with the saving of consumables.

How do I order vibro presses?

>Sale of vibro-pressing equipment in Transcarpathia region is carried out online. You only need to fill out a short form on the site for feedback, and you will be contacted by our specialist. Or call the contact phone managers, and they will consult you about the cost of units, terms of cooperation and delivery options

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