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Vibropress VPS-400 A

Vibropress VPS-400 A

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Do you choose a company where to buy vibropress in Zhytomyr? Vast-Service + offers quality and modern machine tools for the production of small-scale construction products. With us you can order the equipment for your own design that will fully meet the technical needs of your production. We give a guarantee on all production of our firm. We will also select the most cost-effective grandsost to reduce your costs, while improving the quality of finished products.

Types of equipment for vibration
You can buy different types of vibropress in Zhitomir from our company. Which particular type of preference will depend on the desired output and production itself. The equipment is divided into mobile and stationary machines. The former have a special chassis to make it easy to move around the work area. The device has low power and is usually equipped with an electromechanical actuator. Pallets and racks are not required when operating. Stationary models are installed indoors. In turn, they are divided into:

Equipment for bottomless molding having a fixed matrix that attaches to the installer. The latter, in turn, pushes the blog out of form after the cycle;
Devices that shape products on the pallet. This type is more and more popular. It has a movable die mounted on the pallet. After forming, it rises, and the pallet with the block is transferred to the area for drying.
With our help you will also be able to buy Vibropress equipment in Zhytomyr, which requires a minimum number of operators. These are automatic models. They have a clear interface and a certain number of modes (depends on the type of machine). The machine demonstrates stable and uninterrupted operation, high power and minimal production cycle (up to 30 seconds).

To buy a vibropress in Zhitomir – Vast Service +

We also offer semi-automatic models with fully manual control. Semi-automatic machines also exhibit high performance, but the complete block forming cycle takes up to a minute. Handheld devices are considered to be the simplest and easiest to operate, but have a lower efficiency than the previous two classes. They are suitable for enterprises that do not fundamentally large volumes of production. Accordingly, the price of manual equipment “vibropress” in Zhytomyr will be lower.

Our company trains operators to work with vibrating machines. We also produce warranty and post-warranty servicing of machines, and select cost-effective grand warehouse.

How to order equipment in our company?
Sale of vibropress equipment in Zhytomyr is carried out with delivery. Contact our managers by phone to get the model you want.

In addition to the models presented on the site, we will develop a device according to the individual project of the customer. Our engineers take into account all the wishes and specifications you need to get powerful, high-quality and most importantly cost-effective equipment.

We are waiting for your requests and calls today!

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