Buy a vibropress in Kherson

Vibropress VPS-400 A

Vibropress VPS-400 A

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You can buy a vibropress in Kherson in the Vast-Service + company. We offer powerful and cost-effective machines for the production of paving slabs and other small-sized construction products. We are also ready to make the machine according to an individually developed project of the customer. In cooperation with us, you get free advice on the operation of equipment, selection of granular composition and favorable conditions for the delivery of equipment to your facility. We provide warranty and post-warranty service in case of problems and breakdowns.

How to choose a vibrating machine?
You can buy a vibrating press in Kherson in our company. We offer various types of equipment models. We will select the most optimal option that will meet the technical requirements of your production.

We offer machines of various dimensions and weights:

Big ones. These are, as a rule, automated lines that demonstrate high productivity and are capable of producing a batch of blocks in a short production cycle (up to 30 seconds);
Medium. Such machines most often have the type of control “semi-automatic”. Suitable for workshops producing up to 100 products in one working cycle;
Microinstallations. This is the simplest type of vibropressing technology that has fully manual control. As a rule, such models have a special chassis and are called mobile. They are easy to move around the workshop area or construction site.
Also here you can buy vibropress equipment in Kherson, which is divided into universal and specialized machines. The first type includes powerful plants with high performance. They have no technical limitations and are capable of producing both paving slabs and wall blocks. You can install the necessary equipment, and get the desired product at the output. Also, such machines can work with almost any composition of the technical mixture.

Buy a vibrating press in Kherson – Vast-Service +

Specialized produce only one specific type of product. They also need to select the optimal grain size. Such equipment is most often bought by small workshops.

The equipment “vibropress” in Kherson is quite popular. Large factories, as well as small companies producing paving slabs or building blocks, buy it. Our company can offer you various models that will meet the requirements of your company. We will also manufacture the machine according to your technical requirements. During development, the necessary power parameters, control type, overall dimensions, weight and so on will be taken into account. We will train your employees to work with a specific machine, as well as select a cost-effective granular composition so that you can produce quality products.

How to order machines?
Sale of vibropressing equipment in Kherson is carried out with delivery. In order to order a specific model of equipment, as well as get advice on all issues, please contact our contact phone managers.

We will take or make you powerful and cost-effective equipment. All equipment is warranted. Also with us you can order components and spare parts for a specific type of vibrating press.

Still have questions? Request a call back on our website, and we will contact you!

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