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Vibropress VPS-400 A

Vibropress VPS-400 A

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Do not know where to buy a vibropress in Chernivtsi? The company “Vast-Service +” is ready to offer you high-quality and powerful equipment for business of any scale. We have models specially designed for small shops, medium and large enterprises. Also experts can develop the machine tool under your individual order. We will help to pick up an optimum faceostav of a technical mix that you could save on account of account materials, but thus not to lose in quality of finished goods. Delivery of the equipment is carried out on the object of the customer by transport carriers. Details you can specify at managers, or to familiarise with the information on our site in corresponding section.

Cost-effective vibrocompression machines: the advantages of our machines

If you are looking for a place to buy a vibro press in Chernivtsi, our company is ready to help you with this. We offer the modern equipment developed on the basis of one of the best models of machine tools of firm Hess. Devices allow you to make various types of construction products: wall blocks, paving slabs, curbs, gutters, slag blocks and so on. This gives your business great opportunities for development. Another advantage of our company’s products is the economical consumption of cement, but without losing the quality of products. You can save on building materials, but still offer your customers a durable and wear-resistant product.
With our help you can buy equipment for the production of paving tiles in Chernivtsi of various models. There are three types of machines:

  • Automated production lines and units;
  • Devices “semiautomatic machine”;
  • Machines with manual control system.

Powerful automated lines are a find for any large enterprise. They are powerful and capable of producing large batches of products in a short period of time. Only a couple of operators are needed to control the machine. Our company trains employees, so you do not need to hire outsiders, increasing costs. In our catalogue are presented and simply machine tools with an automatic control system. They also have a high level of productivity and are able to handle high volumes. The working cycle of this class of equipment is 20-25 seconds.

In “Vast-Service +” you can buy vibropressovoe equipment in Chernivtsi with semi-automatic control. These machines have been developed taking into account the needs of medium-sized businesses. They are quite powerful, but at the same time economical in terms of resources and electricity. Only a couple of people are needed for management. The working cycle of the machines is about 30 seconds. In addition to paving slabs, the devices can also produce other construction products: cinder blocks, heat blocks, lawn grids and so on. It is possible to combine parts and change the configuration, which will favorably affect your product range.

Buy a vibropress in Chernivtsi – Vast-Service+

You have a small production shop and you need to buy a vibro press for paving tiles in Chernivtsi? We offer you models with manual control. This is the easiest and most cost-effective option for small businesses. The machine allows you to save a lot of money on electricity and has a simplified operation. It also offers excellent performance and high speed. The production cycle is 50 seconds, which is very good for this type of machine.

You can buy a vibro press for cinder block production in Chernivtsi online. And with our manager you can discuss all the details of cooperation, individual wishes and so on. In addition to the machines, you can also purchase additional components, such as concrete mixers, moulds and so on. All equipment is certified and safe.

We give a guarantee on all our equipment. Vibropress in Chernivtsi will be delivered to your facility by a transport company. Our firm gives all package of necessary documents and certificates of quality.

How do I order a vibro press machine?

Sale of vibro-pressing equipment in Chernivtsi is carried out online. All you need to do is to fill in a form with your data on the website and our manager will call you back. Or contact an employee by phone to find out the cost of the machine, details of payment and delivery.

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