Our company specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of concrete plants, concrete mixing plants, concrete mixers and spare parts for them.

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  • Theoretic capacity (m3/h): 20
  • Maximum cycle time: 180
  • Dimension (m): 30*10*14
  • Total power (kW): 52
  • Concrete mixer model: СБ-138Б
  • Raw material supply method: belt doser

The plant is designed for the production of concrete and cement-mortar mixtures and the provision of construction materials for these materials.

The automated computer control system ensures the dosage of the material, management of all technological equipment, including the supply of cement from the main warehouse, and the accounting of concrete mixing plant work, as well as the accounting program for settlements with consumers. For servicing the equipment two men are required – operator and frontlift loader driver.

Benefits of BSU

The main advantages of the BSU are that they are quickly installed, have high mobility, are easy to operate. In addition, the quality of the products is no different from the factory ones. Models have various configuration and completing sets. If desired, some models can be equipped with bunkers for consumables, as well as bucket fillers for consumables. Modern concrete mixing plants automatically dose the required number of components, so we always get the excellent concrete at the output. If necessary, it is possible to change the automatic mode to normal manual control mode without losing the necessary characteristics.

On-site concrete mixing plants are the excellent solution for building in urban conditions. At such construction sites, there is usually little space for equipment, and the constant supply of materials can create additional difficulties for construction.


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