We produce custom palletizers with storage for any kinds (types) of vibropresses of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturer.

The palletizer with storage can be connected both to the hydro station of already commissioned equipment, and to a fully autonomous hydro-electric power station, manufactured by us.

Palletizer with storage is equipped with a programmable controller and position sensors (stacker at the bottom, stacker at the top, pallet sensor in the stacker). Palletizer with storage packages on two pallets in a row. The number of stacking rows is set in the controller.

Evacuation of stack with pallets is performed by a loader or a manual pallet jack from the rear side of the stacker.

Technical data

Drive power voltage  3 х 380 V, 50 Hz
Electric motor power 7.5 kW
Time of lifting to upper position 6.5 seconds
Load – carrying capacity 12 ton
Control automatic

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