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Paving slabs

Manufacture of equipment for the production of paving slabs

Manufacture of paving slabs

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About us

Our company develops and manufactures the vibro-pressing equipment; produces additional equipment as separate assemblies and mechanisms  for any type of vibropresses . In addition, we provide and assist in the following services:

  • Development according to the customer’s technical task of the optimum equipment composition, necessary for the production of small-piece concrete products.

  • Selection of mixture to obtain the quality and cost-effective products.

  • Operating personnel training at the Customer’s site.

  • Hot line — consultation on working with equipment online by phone, Skype and viber.

  • Repair and modernization of equipment: we perform the equipment overhaul and modernization.

  • Spare parts and components: sale of spare parts and components for vibrocompression equipment. We manufacture components for any kinds (types) of vibropresses and additional equipment to them.

  • Press-forms : we design and manufacture custom press-forms for all kinds (types) of vibropresses.

LLC “VAST-SERVIS+”, starting from March  2015, produces the following small-piece concrete products:

  • “Old Town” pavement tile
  • “Brick-type” pavement tile
  • Curb/garden border
  • Road border
  • Ditches
  • Building blocks (for walls)/partition blocks
  • and other products.

Equipment for the production of paving slabs

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